Our Company.

Established in 2013, our company was formed after the success of a research paper to understand if a mathematical algorithm could accurately predict the outcome of Premier League matches.

We now work with a wide range of clients to provide analytics platforms that take the vast range of unstructured and misleading data available around sports, identify the underlying trends, to deliver highly accurate statistics and predictive analytics.

Using ‘big data’ technologies, we take a blank canvas approach to each project, creating bespoke algorithms to achieve your desired outcome. Also using the latest visualisation technologies, we present this complex data to your users in a clear, efficient and useable way.


What we can do for you.

Bespoke Algorithms

Create custom algorithms using a blank canvass approach to achieve your goals.

Predictive Analytics

Identify the underlying trends in the sports data to predict future results and events.

Visualisation Techniques

Present complex data and stats to your users in a clear, simple, and usable format.

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